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SAGE is a non-profit, whose mission is to improve the health of under-served communities while enhancing the education of health professions students. Communities guide our projects and receive quality care that is respectful of their personal values, beliefs and way of life. With close faculty supervision, our students contribute their knowledge, skills, and compassion, and gain confidence and personal insight.


Diarrhea is the fourth leading cause of death among children younger than five.

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4.3 million people die each year from household air pollution.

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Malnutrition contributes to more than one third of all childhood deaths.

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Child mortality decreases 8% with each subsequent grade their mom completes.

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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. – Mahatna Gandhi

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Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life.

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As followers of community-oriented primary care, we believe that health is dependent on numerous social factors.

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Working “Side by Side” = Successful Community Development

Medical schools and medical providers come to Honduras to offer much needed medical services.  For that, we are very grateful.

But, the folks at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Fairfax Family Practice Centers (FFPC) have gone a step further.  They have hired a Honduran (Iris Giron) to work in Community Development in their eight communties.

Each community was given $400, and advised to use the funds on a needed community project.  What can you get for $400??  You’d be amazed:

A new kitchen at a school
Printer and supplies
A new floor and walls at a Community Hall
Bathrooms and Water Tanks
Iris wrote a short report on each project.  As they say, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”  Iris’ reports are a graphic depiction of what can happen when you invest — not just money, but invest in working side by side with a community.

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